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After 60 years of eating everything and anything, I discovered that I had four food allergies: Wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, and peas. If you are what you eat, then I used to be a cheese ball. I was devastated when I lost my favorite foods. The first six months was a real struggle. I tried making my own bread and ended up with only crumbs. My pantry was filled with every type of gluten free flour available.

I began reading food labels, only to find that there is either wheat or egg in everything. Fortunately, I enjoy cooking, and so the adventure began. I took one dish at a time, whatever I was missing the most. Eventually I began to have real success with my dishes. My husband is my tester – if he doesn’t enjoy the meal then it’s a failure. I need to make delicious meals that everyone will enjoy. I don’t want them to say, “Oh that’s a good gluten free cake”. I want them to say, “What a great cake”.

I now have developed recipes for enchiladas (with gluten free flour tortillas), lemon cake, pizza, sausage rolls, and so many more.

I’m lucky to have a friend that is a chef. Eileen helps me take my recipes to the next level, and together we create videos to help you make mouth-watering allergy friendly meals.

In addition to this site, you may have an interest in my other site, Cheri’s HazelCream is the site for our Dairy-Free Milk Alternative made from Oregon Hazelnuts and designed specifically for cooking and Baking.

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The 2 Cooks happily recommend ingredients and equipment that we use. Each recipe will have a section at the bottom of the page to direct you to these products. You are under no obligation to use the same ingredients that we do, but we can not guarantee the same results if you use different products.