Onion Rings

Recipe Details:

If you have a craving for onion rings, this recipe is gluten and dairy free. It makes rings that are slightly coated, it is not a thick batter. I use Walla Walla sweet onions when ever possible, and the light coating allows you to taste the sweetness of the onion. Serve with ketchup, or make a dipping sauce of vegan mayo and ketchup - with a dash or two of hot sauce thrown in.

TOTAL TIME: 100 mins

ACTIVE: 30 mins

INACTIVE: 70 mins

Makes several dozen rings

Equipment List

  • 3 pie tins or bowls
  • Fryer


  • 1 onion
  • Cheri's HazelCream
  • 4 TBS vinegar
  • gfJules All Purpose flour
  • Seasonings: Salt, pepper, paprika, chili pepper - Your choice

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Slice Rings

Slice the onion into rings. One onion makes a plate of rings.

Onion Rings sliced


Soak the rings in a ice cube water bath for one hour. After soaking, dry them with paper towels.

Onion Rings Bath


Make buttermilk from Cheri’s HazelCream using 24 ounces of water. After blending for one minute add the vinegar. Stir this mixture and let it rest for 10 minutes.


3 Pie Tins

Put your buttermilk in one pie tin. In the second put the flour mixed with spices. Make it as mild or spicy as you like.

Onion Ring Mix


Dip each ring in buttermilk, flour, buttermilk, flour. A double dunk. Use the third pie tin for the ready to fry rings. Fry in small batches at 375F.

Onion Rings Fry


Put the rings on a paper towel to catch any grease drippings. Enjoy plain or with a dipping sauce.

Onion Rings glamour

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