Side Dishes
Jalapeno soup glamour
Cream of Jalapeno Soup
Cream of Jalapeno SoupRecipe Details:This is my husband's favorite soup. I tried several different recipes but never got it exactly right, until this recipe. Cheriʼs HazelCream® makes it dairy-free, you may make it vegan or not depending on if you use veggie or chicken stock. We like some heat, so we keep the seeds in …
Sausage Rolls Glamour
Sausage Rolls
Sausage RollsRecipe Details:Believe it or not, I never ate sausage rolls until my mother-in-law made them for me. She was born in London, and these have a real British feel to them. This recipe uses bulk sausage, but you may use sausage links if you wish. This dish is a real crowd pleaser - it …
Tomato Soup Glamour
Creamy Tomato Soup
Creamy Tomato SoupRecipe Details:I created this recipe for demos during the cold winter months. It is a quick and easy crockpot recipe that takes minutes to prepare and then cooks overnight. You may make a vegan version by using vegetable stock. Be warned this makes an entire crockpot of soup. So it's great if you …
Corn Salad Glamour
Corn Salad
Corn SaladRecipe Details:I love corn, and you probably do too. So when I learned that there was such a thing as Mexican Corn Salad, I knew it was something I was going to love. Adjust the heat level to your liking. Once your corn is grilled, this comes together in no time.Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL …
Chorizo baked
Chorizo Hashbrown Casserole
Chorizo Hashbrown CasseroleRecipe Details:I made fried chorizo hashbrown patties for dinner. They were good but I knew I could make a better baked version. Try topping with salsa, it's delicious!Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL TIME: 70 minACTIVE: 20 minINACTIVE: 50 min Makes 6 - 8servingsEquipment ListFrying pan8x11 baking dish Ingredients:15 oz frozen hash browns67.5 g gfJules …
Cornbread & Croutons
Cornbread & CroutonsRecipe Details:Cornbread is a warm filling comfort food. This version is moist and delicious. It's a great accompaniment for chili or stew. Plus you can turn it into crispy croutons to add to your soup, salad, or Thanksgiving dressing! Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL TIME: 60 minACTIVE: 25 minINACTIVE: 35 min Makes 8 servingsEquipment …
Stuffing bowl
Stuffing or Dressing
Stuffing or DressingRecipe Details:One time, I tried making my traditional dressing substituting some store-bought gluten-free croutons. I figured it would be an easy fix. I found a gluten-free crouton product and I eagerly brought it home. When I opened it up the package the smell was overwhelming! Perhaps it had set on the shelf too …
Squash bowl
Indian Butternut Squash Soup
Indian Butternut Squash SoupRecipe Details:My friend Raj is always bringing food over to our home. I wanted to make him something special that was vegan, so I came up with this butternut squash soup made with Indian spices. He definitely gives it a thumbs up! Adjust the spice level for your own taste, and enjoy …