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Mexican Creama final
Mexican Crema
Mexican CremaRecipe Details:This is an easy recipe for Mexican Crema. Just remember that you need it to sit overnight. Spoon it on tacos, enchiladas, steak, pork, or chicken. You may even use it on your salads. Drizzle some over your bowl of soup. It's extremely versatile - and tasty!Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL TIME: OvernightACTIVE: 5 …
Corn Salad Glamour
Corn Salad
Corn SaladRecipe Details:I love corn, and you probably do too. So when I learned that there was such a thing as Mexican Corn Salad, I knew it was something I was going to love. Adjust the heat level to your liking. Once your corn is grilled, this comes together in no time.Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL …
Meat Pie Glamour wide
Meat Pies
Meat PiesRecipe Details:I love pie, and what is better than a hand held one. This recipe is for a meat pie. Feel free to choose your own ingredients, this recipe is based on traditional Cornish meat pies. Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL TIME: 45 minACTIVE: 30 minINACTIVE: 15 min Makes 6-8 pies SERVING: 1 pieEquipment ListSheet …
Pinwheel glamour square
PinwheelsRecipe Details:Pinwheels are delicious treats combining pastry and a cream cheese filling. Please use our recipe for puff pastry, then make the filling. This is a fun recipe that you can make with your children. Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL TIME: 25 minACTIVE: 15 minINACTIVE: 10 min Makes 10-12 pastries SERVING: 1 pastryEquipment ListSheet PanMixing bowlWhisk …
Pastry strips glamour wide
Puffed Pastry Strips
Puffed Pastry StripsRecipe Details:I normally wouldn't make puffed pastry strips by themselves, even though they are delicious. This is a great use for left over dough when you are making another pastry recipe, such as pinwheels, sausage rolls, or meat pies. If you are making a big batch of strips, consider making a dipping sauce, …
Savory Bk Crepes Glamor
Savory Breakfast Crepe
Savory Breakfast CrepesRecipe Details:I cannot remember having a crepe when I was growing up.It’s just not the kind of thing my mother would make. We ate cereal and toast.A crepe was some that you would get at a high-class restaurant, or if youtraveled to Europe. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Today I’m usingJosie’s …
Lemon Bars
Lemon BarsRecipe Details:I love lemon desserts, and this one doesn't disappoint. It is egg free, instead using corn starch. It's a great treat for the sweet ending of your meal.Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL TIME: 2 hoursACTIVE: 1 hourINACTIVE: 1 hour Makes 16 bars SERVING: 1 barEquipment List8x8 panMixing bowlsElectric mixer Medium potWhisk, lemon zester Ingredients:Crust:1/3 …
Ranch Dill
Ranch Dill Dressing
Ranch Dill DressingRecipe Details:This ranch dill dressing is extremely versatile. You can put it on salads of course, but it makes a great dip for chips or veggies, and is wonderful on sandwiches. Give it a try!Download Recipe as PDFTOTAL TIME: 15 minACTIVE: 5 minINACTIVE: 10 min Makes 8 Cups SERVING: 2 TbsEquipment ListMixing bowlIngredients:1/2 …